M. Krumrine: "I wanted to be a mom and a wife when I was at home AND an excellent teacher at school. I felt like I spent hours preparing for classes, and I did this at home - at my children's and husband's expense. Now, I can use my planning time in school to grade papers and now create fun and creative activities in just moments! I am excited to be able to be a great mom, wife and a great teacher - all year round! I've learned to think outside the box - the ideas are applicable for so many different activities - not just as they may be labeled! Thank you very much for helping make teaching life easier!"

D. Davis: "Love it!!!!! It has made my job sooooo much easier and enjoyable. I can create differentiated assignments with the click of my mouse. I am working on getting the other teachers to purchase, working on the administration next. I think if I can get the teachers interested as a group, we can approach the administration. So glad I took the time to drop by your booth and that you were approachable. Probably one of the most valuable tools I have purchased."

T. Simmons: "All I can say is Wow and double WOW! This website really does make teaching easier. All of those assigned tasks that I want my students to do as classroom teacher are reduced to a simple click here and click there. I am very fond of the word cards and word wall cards. They really add a dynamic to my lessons. The students are able to have quick, hands-on manipulatives with which to increase their learning and understanding of a topic. I really appreciate your demonstration that you did at the MICCA Conference in Baltimore earlier this year! You have really made my teaching easier! Thanks again. I will definitely spread the word about this Web site."

Bev: "YOU made me "Teacher of the Year" today. You wowed them until they were speechless. Halfway through the presentation, I looked around and some were staring at the screen with their mouths wide open. One sitting next to me said, "This is like a spiritual experience." After your presentation, we had to go back to the staff meeting, but, as soon as it was over, I saw several rushing to their rooms to set up their accounts. I can't thank you enough; you did a fabulous job and made me look so good. I will stay in touch and let you know what is happening. Thank you once again."

K. Gundrum: "It has saved me tons of time. We recently had to come up with remediation and enrichment lessons to meet the needs of students once the Indiana ISTEP plus test results were returned. This was a great help in preparing lesson plans that weren't the traditional pencil and paper sort of activities. The kids enjoyed the lessons that were made with a more hands-on approach!! Thank you very much for introducing this site to me in Indy at a Bob Johnson workshop. Both this site and his ideas for differentiated learning have helped me greatly!!"

M. Davison: "I have been using the program several times a week. I am very pleased with the speed and ease of use. The forms I most often make are Bingo (25 word), ABC order, and word search. It has been very helpful to students to get the extra sight/spelling word practice. I have made some easier activities for my lowest groups. I also showed the program to our special ed teacher."

C. Evershed: "I am pleased so far with the site. I am teaching summer school and plan on using the site to support the curriculum there also. A huge bonus!!! :-)
I shared the site with other staff members. I gave them my password to explore and get feedback. It was very positive. One of my fellow teachers has spoken to our principal already about it. He said it would be fine to buy building wide. I enjoy doing business with you and will recommend your site to fellow district teachers outside our building."

N. Fish: "I have made several activities, and the kids have really enjoyed using them. I plan to look at it a lot more this summer when I have more time. I am so glad I saw this program at my workshop. Thanks again!!"

C. McGown: "I am very pleased! I have used it for spelling and vocabulary words. I took samples around the work room to show fellow teachers! I have been telling everyone about it, including our Reading Coach and our site Tech Support person. I think this is a great site that all teachers will be able to benefit from. I am very happy with the program and am trying to spread the word! I'm glad that I ran into you at the CUE conference!"

S. Wilson: "I love it! I love it! I love it! It has been saving me so much time with spelling, helping me modify for my autistic students."

R. Fischer: "I am very excited about the work you have done to truly not only make things easier for teachers, but to give them great ideas that they may not have had time to gel in their busy brains."

A. White: "I use it all of the time. I think it's the greatest thing to help with the reading groups that we need to keep going every day in our classrooms."

C. Forstrom: "I'm enjoying my membership. It works great for individualizing. I teach pre-school as well as tutor. I have used your service a lot for tutoring as well as with my 4 daughters and their studies."

C. Shields: "I Love IT! It is such a help with my instruction. I had this put into the budget for a site license."

T. Rosenthall: "I am really looking forward to helping my 6 and 7 year old enhance their brain power and interest in learning new things. I love this program--it will help me help my kids a lot better then I have been able to. Thanks so much."

D. Watson: "The program has been great. I have received many thanks and compliments from teachers regarding your program. Iím so glad we invested in it."

Barnes Elementary Staff: "We are all using the templates with gusto! They are adding a new dimension to the work pages we design for the children. In addition, the website provides easy templates for creating games that provide fun practice of skills. The children are really enjoying this! It used to take hours to create these games, and so often we just didn't have the time."

H. Blanton: "Thanks! This is a great tool."

J. Drake: "Love the site!"

H. Walter: "Love it!"

S. Phox: "I use this program in almost every lesson."

G. Ruggiero: "Made some great word boards and number boards!"

B. Manis "THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! You guys are awesome. Great customer service. I was and am very impressed by your diligence. Once again thanks. I can't wait to use the box font on my students tomorrow."

F. Canter: "I met Diann and had a wonderful time learning about this Web site. I have come home, logged on and been enjoying the ease of the site and how very quickly I can manage work for my students. Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!!!!!"

S. Pike: "Thank you for the wonderful program. The staff enjoyed the presentation and loved the program."

M. Coburn: "We all like it. I enjoyed doing the graphic organizers when I had time. Thanks again! "

L. Brooke-Heimer: "This is the principal of Whitney B. Rudolph Elementary. I am sending this 'Web site' to all the parents so they can do some of the activities that we are doing at school at home with their children, with all great children in mind!"

R. Roscoe: "I used this site for the first time to make an activity for some first graders. It was easy and saved me time in making the activity."

C. Meara: "I am trying to get our school to buy the program. I have really enjoyed using it. The older grades were really grooving on it."

R. Weisgerber, Principal: "Thank you very much. The teachers have been looking forward to using this material."

B. Camp: "I have been teaching Special Education for 20 years. I am currently involved in a FULL Inclusion program for grade 4/5 students. I would like to pursue a site license for our building. Two of our teachers already signed on yeaterday with a year subscription but as a member of our technology committee, I would like to bring this program to the attention of this committee today. Thank you! What an AWESOME program!"

B. & T. Lanes: "This is such a fun website for your kids! (Our two) adore this Web site! And so do we because it gives us games and fun ideas to do with our kids. And this would be fun for (your kids)."

L. Pitts: "I love your site. I forwarded your message to my assistant principal. Our school wide improvement plan focuses on differentiation this year. So I thought this site was relevant. I hope she checks it out."

J. Stamper: "I am so impressed with this site! There are so many possibilities. I have shared one of the writing page sheets (the pond) with a fellow teacher of science. I have made a BINGO game with terms that the students in my Civics classes need to know. When we play this game with me giving the definition and them having to find the word, they will be learning and not even know it. They will just think they are having fun. I am so happy I attended the workshop where I was introduced to this site. I hope to be able to use it more and more."

M. Dalman: "Things seem to be going well. I forward your messages to our staff. I hear many positives from them. Thanks for your frequent communication!"

K. Bodeen: "This is the greatest program ever! I love it! I had to drag myself to bed last night after playing so long. :) Thanks so much!"

L. Sandrell: "I love your website. Trying to convince my principal to purchase site license."

W. Downes: "Thanks so much for the follow through. It's great to know that someone out there really cares!"

S. Merkord: "Thank you so much. I appreciate your support."

K. Eason: "The teachers are really enjoying the Web site! Thank you. "

A. Reigle: "I am very impressed with the program and am really enjoying using it."

C. McAuliffe: "This could help you out. There are some really neat things to do. I know you will enjoy this."

K. Rychcik: "I have only looked at the actual program for a few minutes, but found it very easy to create a "Go Fish" game with social studies terms for my 8th grade AIS students."

N. Constant: "I am using scrambled word, word search, abc order pages every week for Word Wall activities and I have shared info on the site with the other 16 first grade teachers in my building."

K. Vogel: "I teach first grade and this vertical (math) format is just what I needed for review of facts!"

J. Nast: "I just had a training on it...teachers love it!!!!!! "

D. Cutting: "I use this site all the time. Thanks for such a wonderful product."

K. Orange: "We had a very positive response from our teachers this morning. I'm excited to see how they use it."

L. Anthony: "Thank you so much for all your wonderful activities! They really make my life easier! I'm very appreciative of your service."

J. Alongi: "I love this program!!! I am the music teacher here and I have used this often. Thank you!"

H. Trabb: "Love it. Use it every week for my spelling contracts and it has come in handy for tutoring. I am also looking forward to using it with the summer camp program Iím teaching in. Activities I use: word scramble, bingo, word search, morse code, box letters, missing letters"

A. Mahaffey: "Your website is great! It is very easy to use! I was so excited to try it for the first time. It has definitely saved me a lot of time in the first week I've been using it! Thanks for everything!"

E. Lucassen: "I love the site. It has really helped me with my reading instruction. I teach a low intensive reading class for 90 minutes each day. The flashcard, morse code, word scramble, and ABC order are their favorites. I have talked to my principal about a site license. I did a small workshop on this website about a month ago."

S. Lein: "We presented to the staff yesterday and everyone is excited about getting started."

J. Young: "Thought you might enjoy this site. I subscribed to it and LOVE it! Wow! What a great service. I did not need 7 days to decide that this is what I needed. I have already printed out many things for my children. This is a great resource that will be much utilized and appreciated!"

J. Holen, Northern MN: "I cannot stop talking about this site to all the teachers I know. I would like to know more about the 15-minute presentation. Thanks!"

M. Ceballos: "This great web site is very helpful. Making flashcards is a snap. I am able to custom-make cards for students who have just a few to learn. I just signed up for it and love it. I find it is already worth the money. You might enjoy checking out all the great features they have. It is great!!"

M. Lester: "Our teachers love everything about the program."

M. Monson: "I have been teaching kindergarten for 13 years and love every minute of it, but I am always looking for new ideas to improve my teaching, and this sounded like a great web site to help me."

A. Escondo: "I would like to teach English as a second language to Spanish-speaking individuals. The demo in your site is so impressive that I would like to request a free trial."

J. Evans: "THANK YOU for all of your help and your incredibly prompt replies."

L. Youngker: "I am enjoying the site so far. It definitely does makes things much quicker and easier."

Keri: "Just wanted to let you know the training today was great! Everyone in the room, including me, was very impressed, and I heard quite a few talking about how they'd put this site to use very soon! I had no idea what all it could do, since I never really sat down and explored, but it's an incredible program!"

J. Neff: "THANKS for the Bingo tips. They sound great!"

H. Berkshire: "Thanks!! These (Bingo tips) will come in VERY handy."

R. Newell: "Thanks for all your wonderful tips on making learning easier, they really have helped!!!!!"

R. Zimmerman, W. Seneca, NY: "Thank you so much for the wonderful video presentation, especially for your quick & helpful responses to accommodate us on such short notice. It's amazing what can be done through technology these days. The teachers were very excited to try out the program and so far all I have received was positive feedback. And, you should know, the feedback was from a wide variety of educators in our school: Music Teachers, the Art Teacher, the Reading Teachers (of course), the Speech teacher, Librarian, etc., as well as the regular ed. teachers and our principal. You truly have developed a program that makes teaching easier."

N. Ruiz: "My teachers are really excited about this program - even teachers that I have never seen motivated are now motivated and using your program. Thanks for your continued

S. Winans, VA: "Hello and thank you. This is the most awesome web site!!! I am having a blast!"

M. Felker, Preston, CT: "There has been positive feedback from the teachers at my school about your website. I love it! Thanks!"

K. Gerber, Erie, PA: "I was so impressed that I've already subscribed for a year. I wasted no time in making a few activities for the first day of school, too."

K. Wright: "I did give a presentation to the teachers in my school using Diann's password (it shows so much more than the demo). I have some teachers that are very interested and one for sure wants to buy in. I am still amazed at how quick everything comes up, and the saved list option is a real time-saver."

B. Jones, Houston, TX: "Thank you for the demoÖthe teachers were excited about the possibilities they saw. In a bilingual school, giving teachers equal access in Spanish is a dream come true! Again, thanks for your time and support -- AND for all of the helpful hints you've given me. I'm getting ready for a faculty bingo game to go with our first faculty meeting of the year -- the TGIFaculty Meeting."

A. Peterson, Decatur, GA: "My son's teacher recommended it as a homework support

N. Frey, PA: "I need a computer program to teach my grandchildren their spelling words. Something where I can enter their words each week and they can practice them -- to learn how to spell them."

G. Kite: "This is a MUST-HAVE teaching tool for reading! It creates such a variety of activities, which has peaked the interest of every single one of my reading groups!"

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